Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TeeFury: Furyous Omnibus

Well, I told you all it would come! ;) Teefury's shirt with their many artists' interpretations of the logo is here for only 24 hrs!!! Get it now for only $9!

P.S.: Can you find mine? Here's a list of all the artists:

1. Aaron Gilmore
2. Adam Burton
3. AJ Dimaructo
4. Alan Bernard Yong
5. Alex Davy
6. Aliadonty
7. Alicique W.
8. Andrew Miller
9. Angel Bahiia
10. April Patrick
11. April Sharp
12. Astrid Granados
13. Brandon Spahn
14. Brennan Schloo
15. Cash
16. Chris Koelle
17. Craig Watkins
18. David Van Buskirk
19. Derek Filley
20. Drew Hoffman
22. M. Brady Clark
23. Gregorius Lush Heinrich
24. Hannah Bear
25. J3Conceprts
26. Jamie Marshall
27. Jason Pursian
28. JB Panos
29. Jeremy Anderson
30. Jimiyo
31. Jimmy Bryant
32. Joe Baron
33. Jon Turner
34. Jonathen Hanson
35. Josh Earcut
36. Kelly Sultzer
37. Kris Stepp
38. Kyle Thompson
39. Laura Went
40. Lucas Alcantara
41. Martyn Castens
42. Matei Liviu
43. Mathijs Vissers
44. Matt G.
45. Maxime Francout
46. Mike Karlos
47. Mitch Stewart
48. MJ
49. Patch
50. Recycledwax
51. RikkiB
52. Robbie Lee
53. Sean Husbands
54. Shawn Conn
55. Sheyra Keley
56. Sokowa
57. Stephen Go
58. Sven Palmowski
59. Tasha Chapman
60. Bryce Driesenga
61. bluchez
62. Ameee
63. Joe Angelillo
64. Jaden Kale
65. The JCW
66. Tom Burns
67. Tyler Co
68. Victor Moral
69. Yvonne Gonzalez
70. Zack Davenport
71. Warholbot
72. Ian Taylor

Monday, October 27, 2008

TeeFury: 100th Shirt Concept

So I waded through a multitude of emails Monday, only to stumble across one from Layne Hunter, owner and figure head of TeeFury.com. Here's what the email said:
So sorry for the short notice, but 100th shirt is going to be produced on Wed. and the community suggested a cool collab idea - have everyone contribute their own TeeFury bird -
We have to have these in by tomorrow - and frankly if we get 10 then we would be very excited ;) I have attached the teefury bird (illustrator CS2) - do what you can - if you dont have time then dont worry about it ;) Thanks again to everyone for your support and participation in TeeFury!

Everyone needs to keep their art to Black and White - we will place all the birds on the design - we will take care of placing your birds on the tee.

Please email your submissions to me ...

I figured what the heck. And after a little brainstorming, I came up with a piece, and sent it in to Layne this evening. He seemed rather excited to get mine, so I was pretty psyched. The shirt will only be available for 24 hrs at TeeFury.com (from Wednesday 12am EST - 11:59pm EST) So now will be the time to buy! And when the shirt comes out Tuesday evening at midnight EST (Wednesday morning), look for this little guy:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Zombacon: A Doodle Comes to Life

After joking with some friends about our love for all things bacon and the recent run of multiple zombie shirts (not just at Halloween, but year 'round it seems), I sketched out an idea in a doodle screen, and was improved upon by some friends' suggestions, that became the inspiration for an entry I never heard back on from woot (not that I'm surprised. Seems they appreciate clip-art and stolen photography more than unique ideas, as of late, but I'm not starting a war here.) Here are all the pieces from concept to what I decided to send in.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Threadless Submission: Vote Now! : Hot Night Out

Voting is now available for Hot Night Out at Threadless.com Please use the links below to go vote or link in your signature to encourage others to vote.

Hot Night Out - Threadless, Best T-shirts EverHot Night Out - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Threadless Submission: Pending Approval: Hot Night Out

After some suggestions from people during the Old West Derby, I thought I'd give my retro pepper design a try over at Threadless.com. I just put it up for submission, so it'll be pending for a couple days. I'll update when it's approved for voting.
Hot Night Out - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Reworked Poisonous Apothecary Design

After thinking a while, I liked the overall feel of this but wanted to remove the obvious 'poisonous' message. I did some color changes, shifted of the items in the liquid and added some others to came up with two new versions. It's somewhat of a play on the song "Love Potion No. 9". Obviously others came before it, right? Well, here's the probable reason it was reformulated. The first is without any text whatsoever. Just the reworked design. The last is a closeup of the 2nd picture on the new bottle with text.

Friday, October 03, 2008