Friday, November 01, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

iCarly Fans Should Move Like FIRE (Oh BURNED!!! Reprints @ Shirt.Woot)

It's back! It's back!
Shirt.Woot has decided to reprint a special run of orange tees, once well loved by t-shirt fans at the site! What does that mean for MY fans? That's easy: Oh BURNED!!! gets a special print run from:

October 21st, 2013 to October 28th, 2013.
Yep. That's just one week to pick up my most well known print to date.

And why? Well, a few months after my design won the contest it was entered in, it showed up on Nickelodeon's iCarly show. I wrote about it when fellow t-shirt fans contacted me and let me know they spotted my tee on the program. At that time in Shirt.Woot's history, they never reprinted designs that fell from the top 27 list, referred to as "THE RECKONING", when a shirt's sales numbers dipped under the top 27 on the chart in a week.

Until this year, when the Woot staff decided to start offering their back catalog to customers again printed as DTG prints to keep the designs in rotation for artists, and still allow them to make money off them. They've also expanded the site to include special print long-sleeve tees, hoodies, aprons, bags and most recently, sketchbooks (and soon to be released for the holidays: greeting cards). Unfortunately, Woot had eliminated a few of their t-shirt colors: like the controversial orange tee. The love-hate relationship of the color has always caused some artists to push themselves to create on the color JUST to create conversation. The same can be said of Oh BURNED!!! It's fun. A little sadistic. And it's hilarious when you see the strife in all the marshmallow faces. Putting it on orange was the appropriate icing on the cake.

Shirt.Woot doesn't plan to keep the orange tees on the storefront, but they wanted to offer a compromise to those who feel the designs that were printed on the color still deserve to be purchased: They're also offering the selected prints on sale this week on red. After the week of sales, they will continue on as red tees only, to allow fans to still get the design they love, but on a shirt color they'll have on a regular basis. It's a great compromise, in my opinion. I feel my fans deserve it. iCarly fans deserve it. Marshmallow burning fans deserve it. :)

So check out the print selections below, and also, as a special find, a NEW photo I've discovered of actor Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay of iCarly) wearing my tee on the show.

 Original version of Oh BURNED!!! in orange:

The new 'REMIX' edition of Oh BURNED!!! in red:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

On The Thirteenth Day (Shirt.Woot)

I have a new print at Shirt.woot right now: On The Thirteenth Day. Feel free to swing by and pick one up today!

Saturday, June 15, 2013 Creates Artist Storefronts! ( recently opened a new part to their ever-changing store. They've now created personalized storefronts for artists to properly display their art for sale on a variety of media: t-shirts, hoodies, kids tees, tank tops, lunchboxes, posters, and cards. This allows the artist the ability to sell previously winning designs on more options to those who love your artwork, but would rather see it on a wall, or send it to friends and family to love all over again. Besides my winning pieces, there are now others available that reflect the positive message that Goodjoe wants everyone to connect with. And as always, all purchases allow portions of the sales to go to non-profit organizations to raise money for inner-city music programs, animal welfare, specialized communities and more.

Be sure to read all about Goodjoe's mission here and swing by my storefront for some great new prints.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding Bells in Seattle (Wedding Invitations - Freelance)

I was fortunate to be considered by my friends Chris and Laura for their wedding this July, when they were looking for someone to create their wedding invitations. After talking to them about colors and style (and price), we agreed that a simple piece, with Victorian grace would be best. Below is their invitation design, and on the back, we placed a map to help non-Seattlelites get to the desired location.