Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Digging the 'Dig (Business Brochure/Website - In-House Designer)

I landed a job last fall working as a box office customer service rep part time. I just needed a little extra dough atop my other job when things got slow. I told the general manager about my ability to create ads and other commercial media and I was told my services would be used to create a news paper ad here and there for them on the fly. It worked out rather well and then this last winter, around January, I was asked to prepare for a huge project (actually two): Create the Tennessee Shindig brochure that will give people a taste of the show and be seen by thousands of customers coming into the area, and also reinvent the website for the business as well, making it clean and sleek, without all the confusion of the past website... and make them fairly cohesive. I fiddled off and on with the brochure as I could, since I wasn't given all the information I needed until closer to May. I spent approximately 100 hours on it once allowed to fully work on the piece, mostly in the evenings after both of my jobs - needless to say, I slept little for two weeks, but hey... that's the life of a designer, no? I finished well within the time frame given to the general manager by the owner, and the piece was finalized and printed within a week and a half. The end result is a website that is easy to navigate and cohesive from one page to the next, and a brochure that shows the public just what the theatre does in each performance. For a brochure, you can call the theatre directly for a mail-out or you can email them through their website:

Update January 6th, 2013: The website has been closed and the owner has since changed the show."Tennessee Shindig" and the website "TNShindig.com" are no longer being produced or running. The company Show City, LLC now runs the show "Biblical Times Dinner Theater" and has a new site that was created by me as well, but has since changed its format now that I no longer work at the theater.

A photo of the front of the old brochure:

A screenshot of one of the pages of the old website:

One of the holiday headers created for Show City's newest facebook page: