Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tilteed's Tiny Treasures

Most of you know I work for - a T-shirt shop based out of Portland, Oregon and bringing you new tees every 72 hours. Shop owner, Patrick Treadway decided to 'sweeten the pot', we should also have freebies to give to the fans when they make a purchase. The idea became: Recreate the Tilteed logo in your own style. The first four were created by tee greats: A.mar.illo, Wotto, BootsBoots and Againstbound. They were well received by all and many people loved the designs. After we passed out a large amount of those, Patrick ran a double set: four buttons with the manipulated logo by four new artists and four random tees turned buttons. This second batch had one of my creations in it: "Tentacular Tilteed" a sea-inspired button with the company logo. Here are some pictures of all the buttons and the artwork, up close and personal.