Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Etti Derby (

Get Out of the Way! Wahmbulance! Coming Through!

I've tried for months to get this up to Loiter, and for one reason or another it would never load to their servers. Perhaps this is a good omen that it uploaded this time around since a $1000 prize on the line once more. Wahmbulance! Was a piece from the Emergency Derby at woot, and was graced with an Honorable Mention and landed in the 3rd Do Over Derby. Anyone can sign up and give it a 5 stars (you can give it less, but really, why would you?) so vote today!

Almost Derby

Monday, April 06, 2009

My Patience Has Paid Off... With Shirts and Money! (Print #3)

It was only half a month ago that I asked you, begged you, to vote for my shirt at 'Eat Cake, Honey' was an old piece from a shirt.woot derby revolving around the theme 'Join the Revolution' (and I don't mean a turntable). From her sure and sly smile, to her ample ::coughs:: we won't go there ::coughs::, all the way down to the red velvet cake being thrust upon you in that very queenly generous "Oh I insist, you have a bite, my dear!" 'Eat Cake, Honey' has been a design I've loved for quite a while.

Today came the email I had hoped for: "The people have spoken and they love 'Eat Cake, Honey'!" I'm ecstatic to see this finally grace a navy American Apparel traditional or fitted shirt for $12, organic or long sleeve tee for $14, or a sweatshirt for $30. I'm also tickled to see who my hat partner is at the same time (I'm going to guess 'Monsters & Ghosts Oh My!' by wotto), but we'll see who that is when the time comes! Thank you to all who voted, and I hope that we'll see it printed again in the future should you happen to miss out on it this week.

Buy it now! One week only!
April 7th 12:00am EST - April 13th 11:59pm EST

Update: Friday April 10th, 2009: Tcritic wrote a great review on Eat Cake, Honey

I Feel The Need, The Need For Collabs

What, you thought I was going to rhyme it? XP
TeeFury is asking designers to team up again in honor of one of the best loved books of children everywhere: Where the Wild Things Are. We were asked to make more magical rather than disgusting, and I think Sir Snaggletooth falls right in the middle. He's rather creepy if you have a thing about teeth, as I do. But he's not that vile (except for maybe that British halitosis wafting from the side.) The best part? All of the proceeds will be going to charity to help children like Max from the story.
Make sure to watch TeeFury and here for updates. And look out for this little guy:

Friday, April 03, 2009