Monday, April 06, 2009

My Patience Has Paid Off... With Shirts and Money! (Print #3)

It was only half a month ago that I asked you, begged you, to vote for my shirt at 'Eat Cake, Honey' was an old piece from a shirt.woot derby revolving around the theme 'Join the Revolution' (and I don't mean a turntable). From her sure and sly smile, to her ample ::coughs:: we won't go there ::coughs::, all the way down to the red velvet cake being thrust upon you in that very queenly generous "Oh I insist, you have a bite, my dear!" 'Eat Cake, Honey' has been a design I've loved for quite a while.

Today came the email I had hoped for: "The people have spoken and they love 'Eat Cake, Honey'!" I'm ecstatic to see this finally grace a navy American Apparel traditional or fitted shirt for $12, organic or long sleeve tee for $14, or a sweatshirt for $30. I'm also tickled to see who my hat partner is at the same time (I'm going to guess 'Monsters & Ghosts Oh My!' by wotto), but we'll see who that is when the time comes! Thank you to all who voted, and I hope that we'll see it printed again in the future should you happen to miss out on it this week.

Buy it now! One week only!
April 7th 12:00am EST - April 13th 11:59pm EST

Update: Friday April 10th, 2009: Tcritic wrote a great review on Eat Cake, Honey


D.C. said...

Congrats. I remember the shirt from shirt.woot. Glad to see good art get published.

Jaden Kale said...

Thanks D.C.! :)