Friday, July 31, 2009

Double-Take Derby #6

Here we go, ladies and gents! The mystery owl has come back in style in the double-take derby. He's searching for your votes, so please toss it one today!

Be sure to watch for this design. Shirt.Woot

Covert Derby Group: Contest #3: Invasion Derby

So I had attempted to come up with a half dozen different ideas for this special derby put on by the owners of Compete-tee-tion/TeeMagnet and Singularitee: Geekfactor12 (or MJ00) and AdderXYU. The long and short of it, even though I wanted to stay away from the traditional alien theme, I came back to it, because things like cats being overrun to the hilt with mice and such just didn't seem to pan out quite like I had hoped. My distaste for anything ant-like kept me from pursuing a picnic theme. And even my alien characters creeping INTO Area 51 to get their ship from a hanger didn't come across well. So what do I do when my design just isn't up to snuff? I ignore it, leave it for four days and come back in a tizzy with a whole new perspective on it, remembering I have a cut off date.

Instead of focusing on my alien characters, I zoomed out of the picture and created an amusing and charming scene... with a touch of carnage in the background. I hope others agree that Invasion of Love is just that. It's a comedy of errors/romance comedy feel about it. The little ship falls in love with the street lamp, it's similar shape and glowing light drawing it in like a moth to a flame. It classically confuses it for another alien ship while others from the armada, small and large alike, are wreaking havoc on the metropolis in the distance.

I hope you all enjoy it, and I'd like to thank everyone who critiqued it in it's assorted stages so I could make it flow as well as possible.

Invasion of Love - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jazz May Have a New Home (

After debating for a bit here, I decided to pull the shirt from teextile and try it at instead. It happens, and I probably should have listened to Nathan when he first ooh'd and ahh'd over it. I'll learn in time. I have it up there in a few different colors: one with the original white hair and face, and one with black hair and face. Vote for them when they upload, please. They should be up soon. I'm sure that Nathan will be elated to see them at finally.

*update: Jourdan sent me a message telling me that they won't be separated, I'll be able to load them all on to one vote block. So I also submitted the cranberry version as well for viewing. It's all the same file, just a matter of the inks being changed, depending on the shirt color.

Taking Flight, Little Star? (

I decided that since I pulled my jazz piece at, I should try something else over there instead. I figured it may be time to see how 'He Wanted To Fly So Badly' could do. Whimsical, and fun take on parasailing, I'm hoping he gets some well deserved love over there. Especially with 'Funky Colors Week' coming up in August. Click the picture at the bottom to see a larger view. Or just click on the 'vote' right below :)

He Wanted To Fly So Badly on teextile

Friday, July 03, 2009