Friday, July 31, 2009

Covert Derby Group: Contest #3: Invasion Derby

So I had attempted to come up with a half dozen different ideas for this special derby put on by the owners of Compete-tee-tion/TeeMagnet and Singularitee: Geekfactor12 (or MJ00) and AdderXYU. The long and short of it, even though I wanted to stay away from the traditional alien theme, I came back to it, because things like cats being overrun to the hilt with mice and such just didn't seem to pan out quite like I had hoped. My distaste for anything ant-like kept me from pursuing a picnic theme. And even my alien characters creeping INTO Area 51 to get their ship from a hanger didn't come across well. So what do I do when my design just isn't up to snuff? I ignore it, leave it for four days and come back in a tizzy with a whole new perspective on it, remembering I have a cut off date.

Instead of focusing on my alien characters, I zoomed out of the picture and created an amusing and charming scene... with a touch of carnage in the background. I hope others agree that Invasion of Love is just that. It's a comedy of errors/romance comedy feel about it. The little ship falls in love with the street lamp, it's similar shape and glowing light drawing it in like a moth to a flame. It classically confuses it for another alien ship while others from the armada, small and large alike, are wreaking havoc on the metropolis in the distance.

I hope you all enjoy it, and I'd like to thank everyone who critiqued it in it's assorted stages so I could make it flow as well as possible.

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