Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Old Ideas, New Places (Cameesa.com)

While I've been trying to come up with some new ideas, I've been trudging through my portfolio, looking at pieces I like and trying to see where they could possibly run again for those who also enjoyed them. Even though I have my CafePress store, I'm not particularly fond of putting my artwork there. I'd rather have a quality print shop make them for those who wish to own them. There are many times I look at my pieces and wonder "What other place would best accept/appreciate my designs?" And even when I'm trying to make a serious entry, I find myself looking at something not quite as intricate or detailed to make it at some of my favorite sites, should I wish to carry it on to another competition or design shop. A couple have made their way to the recent Allmightys.com Underwater Competition seeing as the level of work there varies so greatly. I figure at least one or two have a chance. After much debate, I've decided to try two more at places. One, I'm not entirely sure how well it will fare, but let's just say I'm giving it the old college try.

What a great site. You put forth $20 towards the shirt(s) you wish to support, and once your shirt gets $500 worth of support, they print the shirt for sale. Supporters get a shirt for the design(s) they support, so it benefits them as well. This is a perfect place for Quicksilver Psycho (which previously ran in the Your Favorite Elements Derby at woot) And even though it made 6th place in that derby, it had quite a few followers: A bit over 450, in fact. It even got a nod as a BestLoser HM as well as an Overlooked Award at BestLosers.com. Unfortunately, woot didn't seem it fit for an HM, so hopefully that means fans will come buy and drop a $20 spot for support.

This design is more of a long shot. I love Ink-Hound. I think they will bring some unique pieces to shirt fans. I pulled an oldie out: Eat Cake, Honey (from the Join the Revolution Derby at woot) I know the monochromatic blue Marie got the ultimate nod from BestLosers.com but I felt with a little color tweaking on the Red White and Blue version, Marie would show the most promise. Plus, she's got Red Velvet cake... WHO DOESN'T LIKE RED VELVET CAKE? Seriously, that stuff is good eats!

WOW! This ended up being much longer than I expected, but the write up is well worth the time to read and vote/support if you enjoyed either of these designs.

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