Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monster Collab (

TeeFury asked designers to team up in honor of one of the best loved books of children everywhere: Where the Wild Things Are which was turned into a movie and will soon be out in theatres. Well today, for one day only, you too can snag a monster tee for $9 (plus shipping). Over 35 artists created monsters for this collab (some did multiples), including my Sir Snaggletooth. He's rather creepy if you have a thing about teeth, as I do. And at this moment I just want to thank Jimiyo (curator for Teefury and the mover and shaker behind this collab) for adding the little detail that I forgot to in the monocle. I was totally planning to add those glassy streaks across it. Now, since this is a huge group collab, we don't keep any of the proceeds. Instead, all of the proceeds will be going to the Save the Children organization help children like Max from the story.
Take a look below, but don't forget to buy this before 12:00AM EST/11:00PM CST tonight! And see if you can find this little guy:

While you're checking out the shirt as a whole, try and find your favorite, then find the artist (artists linked on the page):

1. WinterArtwork
2. Jimiyo
3. Jeremy Hanlin
4. Quakerninja
5. Challen Carland
6. Joe Baron
7. Brian Luong
8. Brian Walline
9. 110specialblack
10. Recycledwax,
11. AJ Paglia -
12. Jeremy Hanlin
13. Adam Vaudin
14. Jeremy Hanlin
15. Oddeti,
16. Jeremy Hanlin
17. MJ
18. Jeremy Hanlin
19. Ray Masaki
20. Tom Philibeck
21. Rob Dobi
22. Stormink
23. 110specialblack
24. Kevin Luong
25. JadenKale
26. dunz0
27. Quakerninja
28. Gaunty
29. DesignByRyan
30. ansharp
31. Jumpy
32. yeshua machado
33. Snarkygal
34. XIEX
35. Wiz
36. Rashaun Collins
37. Organs
38. LitoQ
39. Davee Bee
40. Dennis Beatty
41. Barrios
42. Ryan Pimental
43. Daniel Martinez
44. Altercrisis
45. Liviu Matei

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