Monday, August 03, 2009 More Than Just a Good Joe. (Print #4)

It's the beginning of August and I can't help but notice that it's been like fall in Wisconsin for the last month. Today, even more so. I, personally, am not opposed to this since it allows for great outdoor concert weather. You know the concerts I'm talking about: taking a blanket, sitting out in the park with friends, and listening to great music, be it someone local or a famous group you've been dying to see. While I can say I have missed out on a great deal of music experiences such as this, this summer makes me pine for these concerts all the more.

So why the talk of concerts when there isn't one that I'm going to? Because I possibly have the next best thing at the moment: A design printing that shows that love for music that everyone should have. The guys* at have decided that All That Jazz will finally be printed. The tri-color piece will be offered for one week in a large variety of colors: asphalt, metal, baby blue, turquoise, pink, cranberry, gold, brown and military green/army, with the primary color being asphalt. Lots of options for anyone's taste.

While you are over at Goodjoe to snag the shirt, which goes on $10 pre-sale Monday August 3rd (then goes to $18 after August 10th), check out the foundation I suggested to the Goodjoe Bucket: The Fender Music Foundation. I found it fitting considering the shirt's theme. $1 from each shirt will be put in the Goodjoe Bucket and sent to the Foundation to continue helping both children and adults with everything from music education and awareness to a creative outlet and personal healing through the power of music.

Want to help further? You're in luck. The Fender Music Foundation also has a 'Causes on Facebook' page where you can join and donate to help spread music everywhere. You don't have to donate right away if you want to join the facebook community over there. They welcome raising awareness. Not inclined to do that? That's okay, just telling friends and family where they can purchase the shirt will raise money as well for the Foundation as well. And while you're at Goodjoe, remember you can help any number of organizations just by purchasing any of their shirts, and you are welcome to suggest organizations, give suggestions for other designs or create your own design with a positive message. Who knows... perhaps yours will be the next to print at Goodjoe!

*Special thanks goes to Nathan and Jourdan of Goodjoe for working with me to get everything from just pushing me to put the design up there to modifying code at the site to allow for all the shirt previews.

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