Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Psycho is On the Loose! (

It's about damn time, right ladies and germs? The mercury-rubbed psycho is soon to grace the chests of approximately 50 people (with more to come, I hope). What the heck am I talking about? Why Quicksilver Psycho, of course! That's right... Cameesa has finally sent out a promotional email for the first time in MONTHS and it's resulted in my receiving the last 13 supports needed to get him printed. This is just over 2 years in the making... can you believe it? Two years... I can't believe that in September, I'll have been designing t-shirts for approximately 3 years, and this just printed. Guess it's as good as any other reason to have a design with silver metallic ink on my tee. So swing by Cameesa and pre-order one now. I just okay'd the proof (shown below) so it should be printing and out to people very soon. It will be $21 but it's on sale now for $17 - yes, it's currently less than the support price!

Buy Quicksilver Psycho @!

Proof from for before they print it. I gave it the 'OK'!

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