Tuesday, February 01, 2011

So It's Not In Teen Magazine, But ... (CottageLife)

I should have written about this prior to February. Especially when their next edition is due to hit Canadian mailboxes by mid-February, and newsstands by the beginning of March. With the holidays and all, consider it missed due to being extraordinarily busy. Yes, we shall go with that.

I got an email in September/November of 2010, asking if one of my designs could be used in a magazine article. I'm thinking, "Great Camp Tees". Nope, the request was simply for a piece of artwork as part of their layout in which they tested Marshmallow makers. You guys remember "Oh BURNED!!!", right? The tee that also ended up on 'Spencer Shay' on iCarly? Well the staff at CottageLife decided to use my artwork to detail the high risk of burning your marshmallows in a campfire, versus in a microwave. The result? After a quick email to shirt.woot to gain permission, and a small payout from the magazine, we ended up with this magazine page shown below from the Winter 2010 edition of their magazine. You don't see the artwork on the website if you go to their trimmed down write-up, but I believe, if you sign up for their online version, you can see this same page on the subscriber area. So here it is, my first design in a magazine... for all of you to see. :)

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