Friday, October 16, 2009

Give Music Life Competition (

You guys remember, Fender Music Foundation, don't you? Yeah, I knew you did. I've mentioned them in just about every post since I first printed there. It seems my request to have them as one of Goodjoe's organizations they support spawned an interesting connection between the two. Now Goodjoe is sponsoring a Fender Music Foundation competition called 'Give. Music. Life.' The message is to encourage individuals to get involved in supporting music education because music is life. After sketching it all up two days ago and working on it like a dog all yesterday, I finally have it up at Goodjoe for voting. Here are the pieces below for you to look at and see how you like it.

The basic concept was that, when I listen to music and find a song I really love, I tend to spread the word and make sure others hear it. Taking that idea, and expanding upon it, I wanted to show how one person, one song, one powerful message, can influence many and bring joy to their lives.

Please vote and remember that when you buy at Goodjoe, you can choose Fender Music Foundation as the company that receives a $1 donation for every shirt you purchase.

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