Monday, October 05, 2009

Would You Prefer Your Tea Leaves With Sugar or Honey? (

Well, it's official. My fourth print is premiering this week at (This is my second print there.) Tea Leaves has traveled around a few places, Starting at woot last fall for their Autumn Derby, tweaked the design a little, then a few months back, I tried it at Now I'm proud to say it's found a home with the folks at Goodjoe. Like All That Jazz (which is still available), it will be $10 this week, and after this week $18. Also, even though my favorite color has this shirt on brown, please consider that I asked the gentlemen at Goodjoe and found out that Men can get this shirt on Sand if they'd like and Ladies can have it on Creme, should you not care for dark shirts (Just for this week only! so choose quickly!). Please make sure to choose an organization to receive $1 from each shirt sale. I'll suggest my personal fave: Fender Music Foundation, but you are welcome to choose any of the groups that work hard to make our communities so great. And Goodjoe's community is great! Thanks for voting and commenting on it, and now buying it!


dreamstarr said...

congrats on your design being picked! I ordered my shirt just now :)

Jaden Kale said...

Thanks dreamstarr! :)