Friday, November 06, 2009

The Things You Discover When You Check Your Web Stats

I'm okay with most things online. I understand that people will come across artwork and be forever in love with it. But every once in a while, I get worried when I see multiple links to image searches of my work. For those of you that don't use them, I totally suggest a Free Web Stats program for your site. Motigo is a definite favorite of mine, since I can see when people come and go, search words used, the amount of traffic on any given day, and how people are clicking through to my site.

When I checked up on some stats, I noticed an unusual Czech site as a direct link to my own. I figured someone wrote about me in a blog, since the name was unfamiliar to me. After translating the site, I spied this little gem at Základní článek Hnutí Brontosaurus Slunovrat or Basic Rule Movement Brontosaurus Solstice: a non-governmental, non-profit organization dealing with volunteer work focused on helping nature and historic objects (castles, ruins, chateaus). It associates young people who enjoy improving the environment and offers an alternative to the current trend of today’s consumer society. Take a look at the translated page, for all of you who do not speak Czech. It's a little clumsy, but you get the gist of the group. Why all the hubbub, bub? They came over and snagged my 'Tea Leaves' design to use on their page to promote a Tea chat. It's cool, they credited me for it. Just... next time guys... drop me an email first? ;)

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