Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hang Ten, Dude! (S2SNation.com)

After a few years of trying Bottle Boardie (also known as Tiny Surfer) at places like Shirt.Woot, Threadless.com and AllMightys.com, The miniature surfer has ridden on the waves of success and landed upon the shores of S2SNation.com! Bottle Boardie became one of the first five winners of S2SNation's monthly contest for June. Personally, I'm stoked, because this will be the first time one of my designs will grace a bamboo/organic cotton tee. A tad expensive at $36, watch here regularly for a coupon to save anywhere from 15%-20% off the price, dropping it below $29! There's only 500 printed through the site at the moment, so pick one up now and get it before it sells out!

Newest 20% off code: S2SGREENLAGIRL20

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