Thursday, September 02, 2010

Double Whammy Week ( & Global Thread Collective)

Most T-shirt artists live for weeks like this. It feels like a million bucks when you get printed, especially at a place like with my 6th and newest piece: He Wanted To Fly So Badly. A kid-inspired, yet adult-friendly depiction of how friends can help other friends achieve desired goals. This tee is still $12 til Sunday, September 5th, then it goes to $18 after that.

But the feeling is a million times a million when you find out you'll have 2 tees running at the same time! (now Global Thread Collective), picked up Peyote Bird for their temporary line! They actually print up a number of tees before they put them up for sale on the site. That way you can see EXACTLY how the design will look. Pretty slick, right? This poor little 1-color design had a rocky start. First, it didn't win the shirt.woot derby I entered it into. After the 60 day design hold they have on all entries, I had it print at Squidink (a now defunct 1-print every 24 hrs website) back in April. Sadly, the sales were low, and even worse, the company printed it poorly and in the wrong place. A double whammy of the worst kind. If even I won't wear the tee, you know it's a loss. So I never thought it would ever again see the light of day. But when changed over to Global Thread Collective and revamped their site, I decided to try them out. Just from the photos below, I'm excited to finally receive this the way I had intended. And, it looks great on AA's organic Galaxy colored tee or even on hoodies! A definite must for fans of my work. $20-$45 (plus shipping) will send a Lakota-inspired design out to you, post haste!

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