Friday, September 17, 2010

Deja Vu? Double Whammy Write-Up Week ( &

Here we are, just another day in the life of JadenKale. Little did I know I'd be so popular this week!! decided that I would grace their blog this week with an interesting, Canadian take on my designing and social media prowess. All I learned how to market myself, I learned from the internet.... or something like that ;) The write up isn't much you don't already know about me. I mean, the name of my site pretty much sums up the story: An Insomniac's Desktop Designs. My late night hours of basking in the creepy glow of a 17 inch monitor as I suck down copious amounts of water and design my little heart away. And I guess there's a bit of talk about how I support charity websites as well.

Speaking of charity websites, my most recent print, "He Wanted To Fly So Badly", was recently written up at a great little tee review site called With the help of creators Jourdan Yeh and Nathan Pham, my sixth tee has printed with them and it seems that Cottonable has decided to step in and tell more people to love my tee. I'm all for it. Buy it! Wear it! I should have one of the first print runs of the tee by this weekend, and I'm psyched! With the exception of my first print, my tees have printed with discharge printing, keeping the feel soft and pliable for easy movement in the shirt. I think, if I ask now, they are running my first print, "All That Jazz" the same way. The prints, as well as the customer service and pride in what they do are all what makes them such good joes.

Now, go read their write ups and come back to check out my stuff! :D

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